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Home use:1 l/10 l water. A simple natural solution to boost and protect the vitality of your plants! What exactly is Biokal 02? Biokal 02 is a purely natural extract that boosts plant vigour, provides all the nutrients needed for growth for all types of plants and is not a fertiliser. Biokal 02 is a 100% organic product, safe for plants and a... Long description
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Home use:1 l/10 l water.

A simple natural solution to boost and protect the vitality of your plants!

What exactly is Biokal 02?

Biokal 02 is a purely natural extract that boosts plant vigour, provides all the nutrients needed for growth for all types of plants and is not a fertiliser. Biokal 02 is a 100% organic product, safe for plants and animals, and has been developed to benefit the natural environment, reducing the use of costly fertilizers. Biokal 02 is bottled as a ready to dilute solution, ready for easy and immediate use. It is highly concentrated, making it an easy and cost-effective way to grow healthier and more vibrant plants.

Let's look at some of its key properties:

100% organic and natural
100% natural and organic - non-toxic
100 % organic, natural and non-organic, easy to use
100% natural and non-organic
all natural, inorganic, all natural, all natural, all natural
cost effective (highly concentrated, dilutable solution)
particularly effective to combat the effects of acid rain, fire blight, other diseases of trees and woody plants, vines,
improves the general health and biochemical characteristics of plants,
strengthens the immune system (natural resistance) of plants,
helps the full incorporation of physiological reserves during the vegetative cycle of plants and stimulates normal metabolic processes,
plants are more resistant to adverse growing conditions,
helps plants to better withstand critical periods throughout the growth cycle,
accelerates growth,
larger, shinier and consequently more chlorophyll-rich leaves,
helps plants to flower more, increasing flowering time,
better, bigger, richer fruit: fruit/yield quality improves, quantity increases.

special thermal water extract of various medicinal plants (47 %)
wood ash aqueous extract (natural alkali - 10%)
biohumus essence (38%)
essential oils (5%)
Active ingredient content:

Macro and microelements, nutrients,
amino acids,
other organic acids,
root growth stimulants,
minerals: cations (1007.30 mg/l) and anions (2240.70 mg/l)
Biosaline can be applied:

1) Foliar fertilizer

Surprisingly, plants take up nutrients much more efficiently through stomata (plant pores) in the leaves than through the roots. A big boost to your growing plants can be given by spraying them with a solution of Biokal 02 natural foliar fertiliser at regular intervals.

Not only can it be used as a general robusting agent, but it is also a good way to immediately stimulate and revive stressed, tired or sick plants.

Facts about foliar fertilizers:

Studies have shown that feeding through the leaves can be 8-10 times more effective than feeding through the soil.
Up to 90% of the material applied as foliar fertiliser reaches the roots of the plant in less than an hour.
Foliar feeding is an effective way to compensate for soil deficiencies and nutrient uptake from nutrient-poor soil.
Thus, the most effective and economical application method for Biokal 02 is foliar spraying. This should be repeated several times, preferably at 3 week intervals.

During the main stages of the plant's growth cycle (e.g. germination, root and leaf development, tillering, stem development, inflorescence emergence (budding), flowering, fruit ripening), adequate nutrient supply must be ensured in order to ensure the optimum development of the treated plant.

Spraying can also be done with a simple spray bottle. In small gardens, Biokal 02 can be applied at the appropriate dilution with hand or backpack sprayers.

2) Soil conditioner

Usually applied as a general conditioner before emergence, it improves the soil eco-balance.

Factors such as acid rain, agricultural chemicals and repeated cultivation of the same crop can damage the soil and prevent the growth of essential micro-organisms.

By using Biokal 02 as a plant vigour enhancer, the development and correct balance of these micro-organisms can be maintained. Its use is recommended for both home gardening and commercial, sustainable crop production.

Biokal 02:

Strengthens the roots and allows the plant to use the nutrients and minerals in the soil more efficiently. Improves plant water management, making the plant more resistant to prolonged drought or irregular rainfall,
produces stronger, greener leaves, which are essential for photosynthesis and further growth,
enhances the plant's resistance to pests and extreme weather conditions,
the organic matter, mineral salts and trace elements contained in the product can increase the mineral transfer capacity of the soil over a long period of time.
3) Natural pest repellents

A logical approach to pest control is to maintain a balance of different organisms in the yard or garden. In a diverse ecosystem, pest populations are regulated naturally. The emphasis in establishing this balance is on using the least toxic products so that beneficial insects suffer the least damage. To achieve this, we use natural products such as Biokal 02.

If garden pests are present, the least toxic method should be used first: Biokal 02 seems to be a good solution. It acts like a barrier, or barbed wire, keeping creepy-crawly pests like ants out. Biokal 02's special essential oil content provides effective protection from ants without endangering our children and pets.

Special essential oil content

Its special essential oil content makes it very effective against various plant pests (aphids, insects, mites, etc.). In order to best protect the plant against a parasite or pathogen, the treatment must be repeated several times (usually three times) in order to ensure that the next generation of pests is effectively protected, just as with other conventional pesticides.


This product reduces the multiplication of many viruses, bacteria and fungi and should be used alone or in combination with other products to control pathogens. It is also very effective against Erwinia amylovora.


The product should be shaken thoroughly before opening and use.
There is nothing to prevent the use of Biokal 02 in combination with other products.
However, if other products are used, the equipment used for spraying must be thoroughly cleaned before Biokal 02 is mixed in.
In ornamental nurseries, tree nurseries, nursery stock, orchards, forests in conventional agriculture and organic production.
Can be mixed with any conventional and organic pesticide!


Crop Small users Large farms/ha Technology recommendation
Grapes 1L Biokal 01 10L water after flowering Biokal 02 12L Biokal 01-02 300L water after flowering Biokal 02 12 daily from 5 to 25 June. It is also important to mix with other fungicides during infestations.
Flowers 0,7 L Biokal 01-02 for 10L water 12L Biokal 01-02 for 250L water every 10-12 days
Ornamental shrubs, lawns 0,8L Biokal 01-02 10L water 12L Biokal 01-02 300L water every 15-20 days, also for soil irrigation
Fruit trees 0,8L Biokal 01-02 10L for water 12L Biokal 01-02 350L for water for wash down and after bud break every 14 days

Method of use: spray the plant or pour the diluted solution directly on the soil according to the dilutions indicated in the table.

Preparation of the spraying material:
To prepare one unit of spray solution, mix the specified amount of Biokal 02 with 10 litres of water in a clean container. The mixing of water and spray agent can be safely carried out in the spray tower or in the tank of the spray adapter. In either case, the relevant application instructions must be followed.
Preparation of the spraying equipment:

The spray equipment or adapter must be prepared as described in the instructions for use. It is important that the pressure required for spraying is accurately set and the speed of the equipment is predetermined. After spraying, wash the equipment with clean water.


Biokal 02 is manufactured according to the guidelines for organic products. The materials used in the manufacturing process are from naturally occurring and sustainable sources that comply with organic guidelines and the list of approved substances. Biokal 02 does NOT contain synthetic chemicals, animal ingredients, animal products, manure or manure by-products. Biokal 02 is environmentally friendly and not harmful to animals, plants or humans.

What problems can the Biokal range solve?

Humus deficiency
Biohumus is an essential ingredient in all members of the Biokal range, providing a long-lasting supply of nutrients in the right form (solution and nutrient cube).
Unfortunately, we cannot yet control the weather, although we are doing our best to protect ourselves from its adverse effects. Biokal improves the plant's water management so that it makes good use of uneven rainfall, helping it through the dry spells.
Small, small crops (roots, beetroot, raspberries, strawberries, apples)
The small crop is partly due to drought and lack of nutrients and partly due to the variety of the plant. A plant treated with Biokal, because it is healthy and vigorous and its water balance is strengthened, will produce larger grains, larger quantities and a healthier crop.
Short flowering period, few fertilised seeds
Biokal FLOWER SUPPLIER prolongs the flowering period, thereby improving the proportion of seeds fertilised (setting rate). In sunflowers, for example, the use of Biokal technology significantly reduces the formation of empty seeds.
Wheat has a low chicory content
Using Biokal, while increasing the quantity, increases the gluten content of the grain and improves its quality. The reputation of excellent Hungarian grain can be restored!
Weight: 5 kg
Aviability: raktáron
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